Don’t do cardio for weight loss and what to do instead

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You read that right. Don’t do cardio for weight loss. It sounds atrocious to many people and trainers out there. And there’s a good reason for that. Doing cardio for weight loss initially seems to work, it’s simple and easy, doesn’t take much of an investment and as a trainer, it is stupidly easy to program. I want to share more on what I learned about the human physiology and weight loss in the course of this article.

Spicy Shrimp Burger with Vegetables

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When you think of a hamburger you mostly might have bun, beef and sauce in mind. Maybe some cheese too. That’s certainly mostly the case and I created my fair share of those kinds of burgers in the past. After visiting a local food festival I got the inspiration for a different kind of burger. This is all about the spicy shrimp burger with vegetables on the side.

A Personal Letter to Ben Greenfield, My Biohacked Day, And How Ben Greenfield Cost Me Serious Money

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Dear Ben, you smart cookie, Only moments after I got into podcasts, I had to stumble over yours, of course. It was as if you had this light shining around you. But this might have been only a hallucination from the mushroom coffee I had consumed earlier. You are supposed to take just any mushroom, boil it in instant coffee and drink it, right? Or maybe not.

No Way Out IV – No Gi Fun in Germany

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It was finally time to go to another BJJ tournament. After more than 6 months of not being able to compete, I felt both excited and positively nervous to finally roll against new people again. To start the 2017 fighting season, I had the chance to go to the No Way Out IV, the latest edition of the series. It was organised and hosted by the No Fear Gym.

Healthy 2-course menu – Delhaize Food Challenge

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We are kicking off February with another food challenge sponsored by Delhaize Luxembourg. This time I managed to pull off a healthy 2-course menu on a tight budget for two people. You’ll find the links to the starter and the main dish of my healthy 2-course menu below.

Delhaize Food Challenge – Superbowl

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It’s time for another Delhaize food challenge. As the Olympics in Rio have started, this month it’s all about healthy fitness food – sponsored by Delhaize. The recipe of my Superbowl is in this article.

GEAR – Sponsorship – Global Endangered Animal Realm

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Today I want to introduce you to my latest sponsor: GEAR. They’re a US-based apparel company with a cause. As of now, we are working together toward my goals to become a great athlete and fighter. GEAR –  Fashion with a Cause GEAR, which stands for Global Endangered Animal Realm, isn’t your average martial arts fashion label. You can wear their gear easily inside but also outside of the gym, as they are good-looking and great on the skin. Continue Reading…

BodyFit – Sponsorship

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Today I want to introduce you to a new sponsor: Bodyfit. They are a supplement shop very close to my dojo and gym. As of now, we are working together toward my goals to become a great athlete and fighter. BodyFit BodyFit opened its doors in January 2016 and is located in the newly created shopping centre “Primavera” in Luxembourg City. They have a very neat shop with plenty of different supplements and brands to choose from. Besides the basics Continue Reading…

No Way Out III – A Gi and No-Gi BJJ Experience

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It was again time for another tournament. I used the time since the last ones (read about it one of them here) to work on my skill set, diminish my flaws as good as possible and to get in an overall good and better shape. That’s why I signed up for the gi and no-gi tournament No Way Out III, which took place on the 7th May 2016. This time the road trip to the tournament was cut in two parts, Continue Reading…

Flanders BJJ Cup 2016

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One of the key aspects about Brazilian jiu-jitsu (BJJ) is the fighting part, commonly referred to as “rolling”. For that reason BJJ training sessions consist not only of a warm-up phase and a part where techniques are studied but at the end there’s a part where you fight. This part is crucial as it gives you the chance to try to apply the techniques you just learned under much more realistic circumstances. That being said, competition in the gym is Continue Reading…