Eat Less Calories And Start Losing Weight

Average Reading Time: 4 minutes

In today’s article, I want to touch a topic which seems to be of concern for many people. It’s a dieting question: how to eat less calories? I’ve been asked this question multiple times. Especially as I managed to steadily reduce my weight and then maintain it. People want to know my tricks, which I will share with you. This is how you eat less calories and start losing weight.

Bikram Yoga Workshop with Ky Ha

Average Reading Time: 7 minutes

Last month I went to my first yoga workshop ever! I was very excited and I wasn’t let down in any way. The workshop provided me with a good introduction to Bikram Yoga. The Bikram Yoga workshop had been organized by BYLU Hot Yoga and was held by Ky Ha who flew in from London. Before we go into the details of the Bikram Yoga workshop with Ky Ha, let me give you a brief overview of what Bikram Continue Reading…