Love Yourself Like Your Life Depends on it – Short Tao

Average Reading Time: 2 minutes

I recently finished reading the book “LOVE YOURSELF LIKE YOUR LIFE DEPENDS ON IT“. It’s a short and neatly written book about positive self-talk. If you’re into this kind of work, you’ll enjoy this read.

Kochen mit Hamed Hummus und Fatima Falafel – Review

Average Reading Time: 4 minutes

Kochen mit Hamed Hummus und Fatima Falafel ist heute das Thema. Für mich ist dieser Artikel etwas ganz Besonderes! Es handelt sich hierbei um eine kleine Premiere für mich, da ich bisher in meinem Blog noch nie Bücher oder andere Artikel rezensiert habe. Aber nicht nur dieser Fakt ist außergewöhnlich sondern das Buch an sich ist ebenfalls herausragend. “Kochen mit Hamed Humus und Fatima Falafel” ist ein ganz besonderes (Koch-)Buch.

Vegan Cheesecake Brownies

Average Reading Time: 3 minutes

I’m not the person with the biggest sweet tooth out there. To my big surprise, I’m making huge progress in that department. Nevertheless, I’ve got a big addiction to dark chocolate and cheesecake, especially cheesecake! After stumbling over Alpro’s vegan version of low-fat cottage cheese (here’s my review about it) by accident, my editor in chief and myself have been thinking about doing some baking experiments with the product. In today’s blog post I’ll share the first one of Continue Reading…

Alpro Go On – A Fitness Review

Average Reading Time: 4 minutes

While doing some grocery shopping I stumbled over a new product of the Alpro range. They added a plant-based alternative for low-fat cottage cheese, called Alpro Go On. As we use several of their products at home already and as I’m a frequent user of low-fat cottage cheese, I bought the unflavoured version in order to give it a try. This means that this Alpro Go On review is not sponsored by any means by Alpro and represents purely Continue Reading…