The Low Carb Cooking Lifestyle (eBook)

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The Low Carb Cooking Lifestyle eBook is more than an ordinary cookbook. It contains 18 nutritional advice recipes with a human touch to help you establish a sustainable & healthy lifestyle.

It sets the baseline in understanding what a diet actually is and how the low carbohydrate diet fits into what the Western world eats. While education is important, fun needs to be part of our lives too. The eBook does this by sharing valuable nutritional advice upfront every recipe, but also personal stories from the author, tips, trick and cooking lessons that will make your experience more enjoyable.

The recipe list is versatile and the recipes itself are constructed in a way to introduce you to the culinary arts, getting familiar with known and less known ingredients and combining them in a way to integrate them into your low carb lifestyle.

1 review for The Low Carb Cooking Lifestyle (eBook)

  1. sunitha

    best knowlageble site have clear view what is dm and how to have control over it

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