Low Carb Tagliatelle with Salmon and Mushrooms

Average Reading Time: 4 minutes

In my quest to eat more fish and seafood I was looking for a low carb recipe that made me happy. Salmon is one of my favourite fishes out there and I managed to get a very good filet. Besides that, I have deepened my love of and for the fungi kingdom, so this recipe contains plenty of mushrooms too. As I wanted to make this an Italian style dish pasta was needed. That’s how I came up with Continue Reading…

A Low Carb Oriental Beef Stew

Average Reading Time: 3 minutes

Now, after the first snow has fallen, so have the temperatures. Next to my love for soups (not only while it’s cold outside) I developed a sort of addiction to all kinds of stews.That’s why I want to share a stew recipe with a little twist, an oriental beef stew.

Spicy Jalapeño Cheeseburger with Bacon

Average Reading Time: 4 minutes

Burgers! If there is one type of food I love preparing it’s any kind of sandwich, with burgers as my personal favourite. That is why my first cooking post is dedicated to my dear friend, the cheeseburger. My food is often on the hot and spicy side. This helps to warm you up but also gives an extra kick to your recipe. So it’s no wonder that my burger is stacked with spices. Without further ado let’s have a look Continue Reading…