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Aloha, I am happy you find your way on my blog. I started this venture a couple of years ago. I aim to share my lifestyle with people. The ultimate goal is to help inspire people to move forward. I do this by leading by example, showing my honest self.

Unlike many other coaches, trainers, health and fitness gurus, I make a point in sharing what I do and how I approach things. This makes me vulnerable of course, yet this is also what makes me strong. I don’t have to make up for fake claims. You can be a part of this community. I’ll do my best to support you on the way on a sustainable, enjoyable and healthy lifestyle.

In order to get the latest news, posts, tips and recipes I encourage you to join my mailing list. I respect your privacy and you certainly won’t receive spam from me. Nor will I sell your e-mail address to a 3rd party.

I hope to see you around!