Shredded Chicken Ramen – A Low Carb Soup

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I am a huge fan of soups and shredded chicken. That’s why I shared recipes with those ingredients with you in the past (in case you missed it Low Carb Shredded Chicken Soup, delicious ramen done with my tea cooker). As I enjoy ramen in particular I figured it was time to share a shredded chicken ramen recipe with you. This is a low carb soup.

Magnesium Oil – Transdermal Application

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You might be familiar with the use of magnesium tablets as a form of dietary supplementation. That’s a very good idea in my opinion. Especially if you are very stressed or physically very active. Why? Magnesium is involved in the works of over 300 enzymes in our body. This includes synthesizing ATP (together with mitochondria our energy production centres). This shows that being magnesium deficient can easily disrupt many biological processes. Another, less common or known, use of magnesium Continue Reading…

A La Sauce Thomas – Show Cooking with Delhaize

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In case you wondered why there haven’t been any new Delhaize challenges lately, there are two reasons for that. For time management reasons I had to skip a few challenges. There will be a couple of changes concerning the upcoming challenges and the overall concept. This means many things. In order to get things going Delhaize invited me and several other bloggers to a press event. During this event, all the questions raised got answered. They also introduced their Continue Reading…

Paleo Hazelnut Chocolate Fudge – A Low Carb Recipe

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Lately, I’ve been craving chocolate a lot. As I am feeling great on my low carb diet (yummy cake, soup to name a few recipes) I was looking for a recipe that fits both criteria. I wasn’t very lucky when I glanced over a few on the Internet. Luckily my wife was! After a few tries and changes on the recipe, I’ll share with you what ended up being a delicious paleo hazelnut chocolate fudge – best served warm!

Eat Less Calories And Start Losing Weight

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In today’s article, I want to touch a topic which seems to be of concern for many people. It’s a dieting question: how to eat less calories? I’ve been asked this question multiple times. Especially as I managed to steadily reduce my weight and then maintain it. People want to know my tricks, which I will share with you. This is how you eat less calories and start losing weight.

Golden Paste – A Recipe You Need To Try!

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In my natural supplements series post about the popular turmeric root, I wrote about several aspects of why to use it and how you could potentially use the root for your health benefit. Today’s article will give you a quick and easy recipe that will get all those benefits into your system. Let’s make some golden paste.

A Personal Letter to Ben Greenfield, My Biohacked Day, And How Ben Greenfield Cost Me Serious Money

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Dear Ben, you smart cookie, Only moments after I got into podcasts, I had to stumble over yours, of course. It was as if you had this light shining around you. But this might have been only a hallucination from the mushroom coffee I had consumed earlier. You are supposed to take just any mushroom, boil it in instant coffee and drink it, right? Or maybe not.

Turmeric Root – Natural Supplements Series

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Turmeric is probably best known as the key ingredient of curry powder. Its yellow colour makes the root easy to spot in any spice rack. Therefore, it is also often referred to as the golden spice. In this Natural Supplements series article, I want to focus on this extraordinary root and it’s health benefits.

The Art of Meditational Cooking – Rediscovering History

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This is part 6/6 Rediscovering History of my The Art of Meditational Cooking series. I will publish a new part every week of my personal discovery and creational journey of what I first saw as a means to an end (cooking) but later evolved into my personal meditational practice. The Art of Meditational Cooking – Beginnings The Art of Meditational Cooking – Food Family The Art of Meditational Cooking – Art of Cooking The Art of Meditational Cooking – Meditational Roots The Art Continue Reading…