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I am delighted that you made it to Tao of Stefan. When I went live in September of 2015 as a personal blog, all I wanted to do back then was simply share my adventures. There were no topics that I felt excluding as it was about my interests and my adventures.

Over the months and now years it evolved to more than just that. During the first few months, there were a lot of visible and invisible tests and changes. From there on the blog quickly transformed into a space for all topics related to lifestyle, fitness, yoga and food

Constant Change

With fitness, yoga and food forming my baseline of topics, everything related to my lifestyle followed suit and evolved from there.

The next natural evolution in terms of topics was everything “biohacking” related. Biohacking in my world means “optimal physical and mental performance”. For that reason, I started to launch an article series of natural supplements.

I also started to focus on sharing more content dedicated on how to improve your lifestyle with nutrition and movement.


In the future, I want to bring you, even more, content via blog posts, but also through new channels. I am currently working on webinars and training programs to reach more people.

I want to impact peoples lifes in a positive and meaningful way. That’s why I studied a lot the past few years and got licensed a trainer. If you want help to get to a happy baseline, get in touch.

Moving Forward

This is a very exciting time and I am looking forward what’s ahead!

Don’t hesitate to get in touch if you have questions. I love hearing from you and take pride in answering all emails myself.


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