Spicy Shrimp Burger with Vegetables

When you think of a hamburger you mostly might have bun, beef and sauce in mind. Maybe some cheese too. That’s certainly mostly the case and I created my fair share of those kinds of burgers in the past. After visiting a local food festival I got the inspiration for a different kind of burger. This is all about the spicy shrimp burger with vegetables on the side.

Red Mullet Salad, Spicy Basil Sauce And Cashew Omelette

On my quest to eat more fish and seafood, I walked through the fish aisle with my wife the other day. We had a look at what was available and stumbled over Senegalese red mullet. We both never had the chance to try it and bought some to give it a try. After some research and inspiration, I created a red mullet salad with a spicy basil sauce and a cashew omelette.

Spicy Melon Tomato Skewers

Spicy melon tomato skewers are the starter for my fancy 3-course menu on a budget. You can find the main article here. See also the main course and the dessert. Delhaize This article has been published in a collaboration with Delhaize. They sponsored the bigger part of the used ingredients. They set-up a challenge every month, outlining a few guidelines. For the June 2016 challenge, the guidelines are “Summer”. Furthermore, they ask to mainly use products of their home brand and Continue Reading…

Spicy Jalapeño Cheeseburger with Bacon

Burgers! If there is one type of food I love preparing it’s any kind of sandwich, with burgers as my personal favourite. That is why my first cooking post is dedicated to my dear friend, the cheeseburger. My food is often on the hot and spicy side. This helps to warm you up but also gives an extra kick to your recipe. So it’s no wonder that my burger is stacked with spices. Without further ado let’s have a look Continue Reading…