Paleo Hazelnut Chocolate Fudge – A Low Carb Recipe

Lately, I’ve been craving chocolate a lot. As I am feeling great on my low carb diet (yummy cake, soup to name a few recipes) I was looking for a recipe that fits both criteria. I wasn’t very lucky when I glanced over a few on the Internet. Luckily my wife was! After a few tries and changes on the recipe, I’ll share with you what ended up being a delicious paleo hazelnut chocolate fudge – best served warm!

Chocolate Granola with nuts, an easy DIY

Over the past years, breakfast became an important part of my daily routine and nutrition. After trying out plenty of things, I ended up tasting several kinds of oats, müslis and granolas. In most cases, I really didn’t like them. They were too sweet or full with stuff I didn’t want to (i.e. unnecessary preservatives) or didn’t like to eat (i.e dried fruits mainly raisins and dates). So I started working on my own versions of granolas. This post is Continue Reading…

Low Carb Raspberry Cake

I’m constantly pursuing my newly found love for sweet things. As this mainly evolves around baked goods, today’s recipe is a raspberry cake. To be precise a very neat low carb raspberry cake. As full disclosure, I didn’t bake the cake but assisted my editor in chief during the whole process. We had a good time and later on a delicious low carb raspberry cake!

Vegan Cheesecake Brownies

I’m not the person with the biggest sweet tooth out there. To my big surprise, I’m making huge progress in that department. Nevertheless, I’ve got a big addiction to dark chocolate and cheesecake, especially cheesecake! After stumbling over Alpro’s vegan version of low-fat cottage cheese (here’s my review about it) by accident, my editor in chief and myself have been thinking about doing some baking experiments with the product. In today’s blog post I’ll share the first one of Continue Reading…