How to make a Spinach Frittata

Today we will see how to make a spinach frittata and it’s easier than you think! I like eggs, they are incredibly versatile and taste already delicious on their own but also as an addition to dishes. In the case of the frittata eggs are its key ingredient. Frittatas can be served as a main dish, but also work perfectly as a starter or as an outstanding addition to your next brunch!

Spicy Jalapeño Cheeseburger with Bacon

Burgers! If there is one type of food I love preparing it’s any kind of sandwich, with burgers as my personal favourite. That is why my first cooking post is dedicated to my dear friend, the cheeseburger. My food is often on the hot and spicy side. This helps to warm you up but also gives an extra kick to your recipe. So it’s no wonder that my burger is stacked with spices. Without further ado let’s have a look Continue Reading…