Low Carb Tagliatelle with Salmon and Mushrooms

In my quest to eat more fish and seafood I was looking for a low carb recipe that made me happy. Salmon is one of my favourite fishes out there and I managed to get a very good filet. Besides that, I have deepened my love of and for the fungi kingdom, so this recipe contains plenty of mushrooms too. As I wanted to make this an Italian style dish pasta was needed. That’s how I came up with Continue Reading…

Surf and Turf with purée and guacamole

This recipe is the main course of my Delhaize Luxembourg sponsored healthy 2-course menu on a tight budget for two people. As the main course I created a delicious surf and turf dish with a sweet potato purée and a guacamole. Here you’ll find the links to the main article and the starter.

Delhaize Food Challenge – Superbowl

It’s time for another Delhaize food challenge. As the Olympics in Rio have started, this month it’s all about healthy fitness food – sponsored by Delhaize. The recipe of my Superbowl is in this article.

Salmon with Summer Vegetables and Cauliflower Couscous

Salmon with Summer vegetables and cauliflower couscous is the main dish for my fancy 3-course menu on a budget. You can find the main article here. See also the starter and the dessert. Delhaize This article has been published in a collaboration with Delhaize. They sponsored the bigger part of the used ingredients. They set-up a challenge every month, outlining a few guidelines. For the June 2016 challenge, the guidelines are “Summer”. Furthermore, they ask to mainly use products of their home brand Continue Reading…