Lost in Asia – Tao on Tour: Singapore Edition Part 2

I already shared my first experience in Singapore with you previously (read about it here). Today we will continue on this path, which will recap shortly the last few days in Singapore.

Unlike many tourists, I didn’t really visit the typical attractions. The way I like discovering new places is by walking around and trying to get a feeling for the new country, town and the people.

Lost in Space and Time but not in Translation

Singapore is a place in which you can get lost, in space and in time. I certainly got lost plenty of times – only on Orchard Road and parallel streets!

I try to find out where they go and what they do. Which means I also end up eating their food, drinking their drinks and talking to them. As people in Singapore speak good English, the language wasn’t a hurdle. They are lovely people and are very happy to help you out – even when they aren’t making any money with the help they gave you.

A Culinary Adventure

People in Singapore love to eat. Food corners are literally everywhere. You can find the typical brands that you’ll find anywhere like McDonald’s, Hardrock Café, Starbucks and similar brands (it’s always weird to see a Paul somewhere), but Singapore is also full of smaller food and coffee joints. Some of them are only found in Singapore or are known around Asia and less on the remaining parts of the world.

During my stay, I had two personal highlights of less well-known brands that I instantly fell in love with and I want to introduce them to you.

Watanabe Coffee

Watanabe Coffee or also Wa-Café is a coffee shop and bistro-restaurant. They offer various great coffee creations and delicious food. You can go there for breakfast, lunch or dinner. Or even in between for a snack. The dorayaki are simply amazing!

The coffee was my absolute highlight. Besides your typical americano or espresso, they also offer a really fancy looking syphon coffee that tastes already in the basic version very good.



Nonetheless, if you are in the vicinity of one of the franchises I urge you to go for their special blend. In case a hot coffee is too much for you in the air-conditioned Singapore, go for an outstanding dutch-style cold brew. It’s served with plenty of ice cubes. The mug is made out of metal, emphasising the chill and giving you a taste to remember while cooling down.

breakfast at Watanabe Coffee

breakfast at Watanabe Coffee

Din Tai Fung

After all the coffee and walking around you might like to enjoy some food. I certainly do and did. Din Tai Fung is a great place to go, even if it’s a little pricier. Before I went to Singapore I never heard of the Taiwanese brand, that was named in 1993 by the New York Times as one of the top ten restaurant brands of the world.

one of the worlds most important brands

one of the world’s most important brands

Luckily my wife did and made us go there. Otherwise, I would have missed out of a restaurant known for their xiaolongbao (steamed dumplings). The brand and some of their restaurants are so good that they managed to get Michelin stars in 2010.

Din Tai Fung Kitchen

Din Tai Fung Kitchen

The food is amazing and besides preparing fresh xiaolongbao for you in their shops (watch them do them, the kitchens are usually set-up in a way that you can see the people work), but also soups, vegetables and other delicious delicacies.

Just a few items of a great menu

Just a few items of a great menu

Depending on where you are going – Din Tai Fung has restaurants in Taiwan (obviously!), but also in Australia, Mainland China, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Japan, Macau, Malaysia, the Philippines, Singapore (lucky me!), South Korea, the United States, Thailand and Dubai – and when, you might bring some time too. It is common to wait in line for a table in the restaurant. While you wait you will usually receive a menu and can start preparing your order. Once you get your table, you can pass your order directly to you waiter and can enjoy the tea.

I hope you enjoyed my little adventures on Orchard Road. As always, like, comment and share my posts. I am looking forward to your feedback.

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