No Way Out IV – No Gi Fun in Germany

It was finally time to go to another BJJ tournament. After more than 6 months of not being able to compete, I felt both excited and positively nervous to finally roll against new people again. To start the 2017 fighting season, I had the chance to go to the No Way Out IV, the latest edition of the series. It was organised and hosted by the No Fear Gym.

No Way Out III – A Gi and No-Gi BJJ Experience

It was again time for another tournament. I used the time since the last ones (read about it one of them here) to work on my skill set, diminish my flaws as good as possible and to get in an overall good and better shape. That’s why I signed up for the gi and no-gi tournament No Way Out III, which took place on the 7th May 2016. This time the road trip to the tournament was cut in two parts, Continue Reading…