Love Yourself Like Your Life Depends on it – Short Tao

Average Reading Time: 2 minutes

I recently finished reading the book “LOVE YOURSELF LIKE YOUR LIFE DEPENDS ON IT“. It’s a short and neatly written book about positive self-talk. If you’re into this kind of work, you’ll enjoy this read.

How to reduce your stress level with audiobooks

Average Reading Time: 4 minutes

Maybe you’re also commuting on a daily basis to work and back. I certainly have to commute: work, BJJ, MMA, qi gong, yoga, gym, friends, and back home. The list is probably longer but you get the idea. I simply have to drive around a lot in order to get to places. I wish I could use public transport for a few of those tasks. Unfortunately, this won’t work, as the commuting times would simply not allow it and neither Continue Reading…