GEAR – Sponsorship – Global Endangered Animal Realm

Today I want to introduce you to my latest sponsor: GEAR. They’re a US-based apparel company with a cause. As of now, we are working together toward my goals to become a great athlete and fighter.

GEAR –  Fashion with a Cause

GEAR, which stands for Global Endangered Animal Realm, isn’t your average martial arts fashion label. You can wear their gear easily inside but also outside of the gym, as they are good-looking and great on the skin. While it’s great to wear something stylish in- and outside the gym, with your purchase you’ll do much more: you raise awareness to endangered animals.

This means that part of GEARs profits goes to organisations helping both endangered and non-endangered animal shelters and other organisations around the globe.

The company is still young but growing quickly. Initially, it all started out by “accident” as they wanted to create unique art that brought out the animal within yourself.

GEAR Endangered

GEAR Endangered

After plenty of very positive feedback, they decided to jump all in and go ahead with the line. They then also quickly decided that they wanted to give back. Thus, the idea to support local animal shelters and globally active organisations with their own good fortune.

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If you want to find out more about them feel free to visit their website, Facebook page or Instagram.

GEAR –  Sponsorship

Purely by accident, I stumbled into a sponsorship by GEAR. While posting my fitness lifestyle on my Instagram, I noticed that GEAR liked plenty of my BJJ pictures. So I simply reached out and started talking to Eric, the CEO of GEAR.

After chatting for a moment Eric decided to offer me the GEAR Sponsor Package, which is a great deal. You can see the items being part of it above. But being part of the #GEARFamily is more than just shirts and a bag. You are part of a fast-growing brand, with cool and young athletes – being part of something like that is a lot of fun.

What I liked about the whole deal was, next to the awesome designs of their fashion line, the approachable attitude of Eric and the good cause I was contributing with me purchasing the “sponsored athlete package”. I think it’s important that you can identify with your sponsors and what their brand is all about and with GEAR Global Endangered Animal Realm, that was definitely the case. Here a few pictures with me and the gear:

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