Magnesium Oil – Transdermal Application

You might be familiar with the use of magnesium tablets as a form of dietary supplementation. That’s a very good idea in my opinion. Especially if you are very stressed or physically very active. Why? Magnesium is involved in the works of over 300 enzymes in our body. This includes synthesizing ATP (together with mitochondria our energy production centres). This shows that being magnesium deficient can easily disrupt many biological processes. Another, less common or known, use of magnesium is via transdermal application. Or in everyday English, rubbing magnesium oil on your skin.

Magnesium Oil: The Model Health Show

Shawn from The Model Health Show constantly preaches the importance of magnesium and the use of magnesium oil. I was aware of the importance as a dietary supplement but before listening to his show I was oblivious of the use of the oil.

magnesium oil

After changing my workout routine, I felt very sore as my body hadn’t adjusted to the new exercises yet. As this was not the most comfortable feeling and after doing some research I saw that the magnesium oil isn’t expensive. I bought a bottle and gave it a try.

Magnesium Oil: Personal Experience

After only two days I can tell you this: it works! My muscles felt so much better. Not only was the soreness gone, my muscles felt much better and fresher overall. It became instantly apparent that they were soaking up the magnesium oil and made good use of it.

I applied a thin coating over my sore muscles, around an hour before I went to bed. It’s that simple. You can use the oil whenever you can or want. The benefit of doing it overnight results mainly by enhancing the already ongoing recovery process that happens during your sleep. You can buy the oil I used at amazon.

I wrote this article literally two days after starting and let it sit around afterwards. Now I can tell you that the subjective recovery rate of my muscles is much better and I feel more relaxed. This coincides also with my HRV measurements on heavy workout days (or rather the following day.

Magnesium Oil: Great Side Effect!

When I used the oil something unforeseen happened. For more than 15 years I had this bump on my left shoulder. A doctor back then told me that it was only a cyst. There was no need to do anything but I could surgically remove it if it was bothering me. It was but not enough to get an unnecessary (even if minor) surgery.

magnesium oil

When I applied the magnesium oil this spot got really itchy on the second day and was red. On the third day of transdermal use of the magnesium oil on this spot the bump looked differently and felt softer. I asked my wife to cut into a spot that looked weird but after her consult (she said that’s not necessary, just squeeze it). When I applied pressure decade old puss made it out of the pores. It definitely was a little gross and yet I felt an instant relieve of pressure in my shoulder and re-did the application of the magnesium oil and squeezing for a couple of days until almost no more fluids came out of my skin.

I continued this process for a few weeks now and almost all of the bump is gone. The only thing remaining is probably the capsule that formed inside the shoulder directly under the skin. It’s not a big deal and getting it removed with a minor cut makes more sense now than ever, even though I will wait and see what happens if I continuously use the magnesium oil

Now it the bump is gone and only needs to heal. It looks better but more importantly feels much better! Do you have any experience with magnesium oil? If so I would love to hear it.


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