Caffeine & Coffee – Natural Supplements Series

Coffee is one of the most consumed beverages on our planet. It’s how many people start their days and get things rolling. the warmth of the cup, mixed with the smell of freshly brewed coffee puts a smile to more people than just me. But it’s not the coffee that is working as this kickstarter in our lives, but caffeine that we consume with it. Caffeine has a very stimulating effect on our central nervous system. This makes caffeine Continue Reading…

Magnesium Oil – Transdermal Application

You might be familiar with the use of magnesium tablets as a form of dietary supplementation. That’s a very good idea in my opinion. Especially if you are very stressed or physically very active. Why? Magnesium is involved in the works of over 300 enzymes in our body. This includes synthesizing ATP (together with mitochondria our energy production centres). This shows that being magnesium deficient can easily disrupt many biological processes. Another, less common or known, use of magnesium Continue Reading…

Golden Paste – A Recipe You Need To Try!

In my natural supplements series post about the popular turmeric root, I wrote about several aspects of why to use it and how you could potentially use the root for your health benefit. Today’s article will give you a quick and easy recipe that will get all those benefits into your system. Let’s make some golden paste.

Turmeric Root – Natural Supplements Series

Turmeric is probably best known as the key ingredient of curry powder. Its yellow colour makes the root easy to spot in any spice rack. Therefore, it is also often referred to as the golden spice. In this Natural Supplements series article, I want to focus on this extraordinary root and it’s health benefits.