Delhaize Food Challenge – 3-Course Menu for Christmas

After some time off of the Delhaize food challenge, I am back. This time we have something really huge and festive, as it’s only right and proper for the end of the year. As always please be aware that this article is sponsored by Delhaize. You will find links to my festive 3-course Menu for Christmas in this article.

Beef Wellington with mushrooms and chestnuts

Beef Wellington with mushrooms and chestnuts is the main dish of my 3-course menu for Christmas. It works in the menu but also as a delicious winter dish on a stand-alone basis. I have a main article with the complete 3-course menu for you here. Also here are the links to the starter (creamy mushrooms soup with chestnuts) and the dessert (eclair with chestnut cream). Delhaize This article has been published in a collaboration with Delhaize. They sponsored the Continue Reading…