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Mind Pump Media started out as a podcast. The hosts, Sal, Adam and Justin, together with the producer Doug, share their insights about fitness, health or fat loss in almost daily shows. They really tell it as it is, debunking common myths, misunderstandings in order to help you figure out what works and what doesn’t. In this article, I introduce you to MAPS PED (or on YouTube).

“MAPS P.E.D. is our highest volume and most challenging muscle building and body sculpting program to date. It was specifically designed to meet the demands of the advanced, genetically gifted male or female lifter and/or the pharmaceutically enhanced lifter. This program will maximize your muscle building potential by taking advantage of your hyper responsiveness to training and your superior recovery ability. MAPS P.E.D. is a twice a day double split routine (5 or 6 day a week options that are only suitable for the most hardcore and dedicated lifters). It’s broken up into four phases. Phase 1 targets maximal strength with low reps and heavy weight which will give you granite hard look. Phase 2 is closer to traditional bodybuilding training with moderate rep ranges and more of a focus on specific muscle targeting to develop a more balanced body. Phase 3 amps up the pump factor by utilizing compound sets when you learn to train opposing muscle groups together for maximum skin tightening full body pumps. Phase 4 is all about peaking your muscle shape and fullness with supersets, a faster pace and higher reps for that finished sculpted look. MAPS P.E.D. also includes a once a week mobility component to ensure better ranges of motion for more muscle fiber stimulation and for enhanced aesthetics.”

Why am I doing this?

The reason I did this review, is because people kept asking me about my thought about it. Does it work? How was it? Is it fun? Can you actually get stronger? Is it worth the money?


After repeating myself a few times, I decided to review the MAPS programs. I have a playlist with all of them on youtube: Mind Pump Review Playlist.

Just to be clear: this review is my personal opinion. No one paid me to do it. I received no incentive to write this article or record the video.


In the review, I tackle all the questions mentioned above, and more. If you are intrigued, have a look and make sure to give my video a like and share your thoughts in the comments too. I will share more videos in the future and would love to see you around, so make sure to subscribe to my channel.

MAPS PED is for advanced lifters, possibly with the help of PEDs. You will learn everything about MAPS Resistance in my YouTube review, but here are a few highlights of the program:

MAPS PED is a phased program, suitable for bodybuilding peaking:

  • you need a fully equiped gym
  • several years of training experience
  • time (5-6 training sessions a week)
  • dedication (18-23 weeks)

While it is a fund program, it is also a very hard program. You have to train twice a day for weeks and need to have recovery and nutrition on point.

I hope this gets you excited to watch my review!

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