The importance of nasal breathing

Breathing is one of the most neglected topics in terms of health and physical performance. This is despite the fact we take a breath several times a minute. We take it for granted and don’t seem to question it in any way. But more and more people stop nasal breathing and switch to constant mouth breathing.

This provides several negative health impacts which I address in this video. We discuss how mouth breathing is bad for your overall health and physical performance. I also give several pointers on what to look for and become a nasal breather again

If you are looking for an easy breathing exercise that you can do if you feel overwhelmed or stressed, I encourage you to give box breathing a try.

The importance of nasal breathing

More information about nasal breathing

While I have been reading and writing about this topic for years (here, here), I definitely don’t claim to be an expert. Therefore I’d like to point you to some further reading if you want to know more about the biology, pathology, health and performance impacts of nasal breathing.

Here are links to mouth tape that could be useful or helpful.

Please note that none of this is medical advice. I am not a medical doctor, but merely a random guy from the internet sharing his thoughts and experiences. Before you do anything consult a medical professional.

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