My top 6 strength channels

I made a video about my top 6 strength channels on Youtube. These channels are a great educational source. They all helped me a lot the last couple of years in my own strength lifting journey. Watch the video and let me know what your favourite channel is.

Top 6 Strength YT Channels
Top 6 Strength YT Channels

Here are my top 6 strength channels

  • Joe DeFranco
  • Alexander Bromley
  • Wenning Strength
  • Juggernaut Training Systems (JTS)
  • Kabuki Strength
  • eliteFTS

They are in no particular order, except eliteFTS. The channel from eliteFTS was somewhat a stepping stone for my strength education. I learned a lot from Dave Tate on the channel. But what is even more important to me, is all the people eliteFTS and Dave Tate introduced me to. Many of the people’s content I follow now, I only know from there.

Let me know in the comments if content like this is something you enjoy.

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