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Mind Pump Media started out as a podcast. The hosts, Sal, Adam and Justin, together with the producer Doug, share their insights about fitness, health or fat loss in almost daily shows. They really tell it as it is, debunking common myths, misunderstandings in order to help you figure out what works and what doesn’t. In this article, I introduce you to MAPS Strong.

MAPS Strong is a strongman inspired training blueprint. It was established in a collaboration between Mind Pump and Robert Oberst, a professional strongman.

Why am I doing this?

The reason I did this review, is because people kept asking me about my thought about it. Does it work? How was it? Is it fun? Can you actually get stronger? Is it worth the money?

MAPS Strong
MAPS Strong

After repeating myself a few times, I decided to review the MAPS programs. I have a playlist with all of them on youtube: Mind Pump Review Playlist.

Just to be clear: this review is my personal opinion. No one paid me to do it. I received no incentive to write this article or recording the video.

MAPS Strong Review

In the review, I tackle all the questions mentioned above, and more. If you are intrigued, have a look and make sure to give my video a like and share your thoughts in the comments too. I will share more videos in the future and would love to see you around, so make sure to subscribe to my channel.

You will learn everything about MAPS Strong in my YouTube review, but here are a few highlights of the program:

MAPS Strong is a phased program, which contains 3 different phases:

  • for strength, hypertropy and pump

Unlike other Mind Pump templates, the Strong phasing is set up in a way that lets you peak for a competition. This means the weights get heavier towards the end and you start with lighter weights.

As strongmen need to have a decent amount of muscle endurance, the template provides a good amount of volume on the non-foundational days. During these, you will also work on your agility with different drills.

I hope this gets you excited to watch my review!

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