Shrimp Shirataki Ramen – Low Carb Soup

There’s never a bad time for soup and I have plenty of fun creating new and easy recipes for soups, especially ramen. This recipe is no different. It’s an easy to copy and quick to prepare recipe too. I also introduce the lowest carb noodles out there. Have a look at my shrimp shirataki ramen.

Shredded Chicken Ramen – A Low Carb Soup

I am a huge fan of soups and shredded chicken. That’s why I shared recipes with those ingredients with you in the past (in case you missed it Low Carb Shredded Chicken Soup, delicious ramen done with my tea cooker). As I enjoy ramen in particular I figured it was time to share a shredded chicken ramen recipe with you. This is a low carb soup.

DIY Sous Vide Cooker Hack

I like DIY projects, watching and doing them myself. The latter isn’t always possible (mainly due to space issues). Nevertheless I recently did a small DIY project, combining it with something I love very much: cooking. I used things I already had at home in order to do my own version of a sous vide cooker. Welcome to my DIY sous vide cooker hack. GardenFork But let me first introduce Eric, the host of GardenFork (Website, Facebook, Youtube, Instagram). Continue Reading…