One Minute Treat – A Vegan Snack

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I like my diet to be versatile. It’s the key component to a healthy, fun and sustainable diet. That’s why I aim to consume as often as I can out of the four nutritional kingdoms and combine different diets. This means that I eat in a way that I find the best benefit for my body. Many people, though, eat constantly the same 5 dishes. This is not only boring but unhealthy. Here’s a vegan and very easy way Continue Reading…

Spinach with Scallions, Sesame and More

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After many Japanese and Chinese cuisine related recipes, I want to share something from another great Asian cuisine country. This time we are in Korea and I have an easy and delicious recipe for sigeumchi-namul (시금치 나물) for you. This is blanched spinach with scallions and sesame.

Different Types Of Diets – An Overview

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Over the years I shared plenty of recipes with you on my blog. At the moment they mostly fall into 3 different categories of diets: • Low Carb Diet • Paleo Diet • Vegan Diet As I want to make it as easy for you as possible to find what you are looking for I regrouped the different diets for you. While we’re here I will use this space to give a short explanation of the key ideas of Continue Reading…

Vegan Dark Chocolate Ice Cream – The 1 Ingredient Treat

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One of the treats I enjoy a lot is ice cream. I’m sure many of you enjoy it too. I’ve been asked if I could share a recipe on how to make a gluten-free and low carb ice cream that actually tastes good. It took me a moment, while pondering the general idea of ice cream making it hit me. It’s really simple and to state my case I share my vegan dark chocolate ice cream recipe with you. Continue Reading…

Chocolate Granola with nuts, an easy DIY

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Over the past years, breakfast became an important part of my daily routine and nutrition. After trying out plenty of things, I ended up tasting several kinds of oats, müslis and granolas. In most cases, I really didn’t like them. They were too sweet or full with stuff I didn’t want to (i.e. unnecessary preservatives) or didn’t like to eat (i.e dried fruits mainly raisins and dates). So I started working on my own versions of granolas. This post is Continue Reading…

Vegan Chocolate Banana Muffins – Foolproof Recipe

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I’ve got a new muffin recipe for you all. This recipe is vegan and very easy to make and even more versatile. Below you’ll find the recipe for my vegan chocolate banana muffins! Vegan Chocolate Banana Muffins: Why vegan? I am not living a vegan lifestyle in general, but when it comes to baking I most of the time prefer it this way. Why? Well, in my case it comes down to convenience. As I am not eating much Continue Reading…

Low Carb Chocolate Avocado Muffins

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Lately, I’ve been craving sweets a lot. Especially baked goods made it somehow very high on my list of desired things on my plate. I tried looking for low carb chocolate muffins, but I wasn’t very satisfied by what I found. In the end, I found inspiration at several places and made up my own recipe, trying to make it delicious, simple and low carb. That’s how my recipe for low carb chocolate avocado muffins came to life. Low Continue Reading…

Spicy Melon Tomato Skewers

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Spicy melon tomato skewers are the starter for my fancy 3-course menu on a budget. You can find the main article here. See also the main course and the dessert. Delhaize This article has been published in a collaboration with Delhaize. They sponsored the bigger part of the used ingredients. They set-up a challenge every month, outlining a few guidelines. For the June 2016 challenge, the guidelines are “Summer”. Furthermore, they ask to mainly use products of their home brand and Continue Reading…

Vegan Cheesecake Brownies

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I’m not the person with the biggest sweet tooth out there. To my big surprise, I’m making huge progress in that department. Nevertheless, I’ve got a big addiction to dark chocolate and cheesecake, especially cheesecake! After stumbling over Alpro’s vegan version of low-fat cottage cheese (here’s my review about it) by accident, my editor in chief and myself have been thinking about doing some baking experiments with the product. In today’s blog post I’ll share the first one of Continue Reading…