FREE Powerlifting Program

In the past, people asked me to help them with powerlifting. That’s why I decided to share a free powerlifting program. I uploaded all the classes (more than 40 minutes of content) and the template on teachable.

Free Powerlifting Program
Free Powerlifting Program

17 Weeks of phased powerlifting training

You get a 17-week training template with 4 different phases.

  • Hypertrophy
  • Powerbuilding
  • Strength
  • Peaking / Taper
  • The program is %-based, 5 training days per week and includes a 1RM calculation if you don’t know yours yet.

I include several videos explaining

  • the basics of powerlifting
  • the program and how to use it
  • what to expect on a meet and meet day

The course will help you get stronger and set you up to perform well on a meet or mock meet.

You need access to a gym to perform the program as is.

Powerlifting 101

In case you aren’t familiar with the term powerlifting. Powerlifting is a strength-based sport. It revolves around 3 compound lifts; namely:

  1. bench press
  2. squat
  3. deadlift

In a powerlifting meet, you test your maximum strength in each of these lifts. You get 3 attempts for each movement and your goal is to move as much weight – within the guidelines of the rules – as possible.

The winner is the person who moved the most amount of weight, which is called your “total”.

If you train for powerlifting, you focus your training around these 3 lifts or types of lifts. You could also classify them as

  1. pressing
  2. squatting or
  3. hip hinge movements

In your typical powerlifting program you start with a little less weight, but a few more repetitions. The further you progress in your program, the heavier the load gets (i.e. weight on the bar) and the fewer repetitions you do.

After a given amount of time (usually around 6-20 weeks), your program will end at a peak, meaning that at this point in time you’re at your strongest.

If you do it as a sport, you time this with your meet/competition and perform your lifts and hopefully got stronger along the way.

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