6 weeks of hypertrophy training – Project Big Stefan – PBS #2

Here we go with #2 of Project Big Stefan. I’ll share with you my current progress of 6 weeks of hypertrophy training and what’s to come.

Hypertrophy Training

I discuss what kind of program I used during these 6 weeks (MI40 Foundation) and give my honest feedback of it. Once that is done and some coffee sipping took place, continue with what planed the upcoming weeks.

6 weeks of hypertrophy training – Project Big Stefan – PBS #2
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Hypertrophy 101

In case you aren’t sure what hypertrophy training is all about. Muscle hypertrophy in a very basics definition “involves an increase in size of skeletal muscle through a growth in size of its component cells.

In other words muscle hypertrophy workout aim to increase you muscle size, i.e. getting bigger arms or legs.

To achieve this you need to stress the muscle approprietely. It seems, that weights that allow you to do 3-4 sets of more or less 10 repetitions stimulate hypertrophy very well.

Heavier or lighter weights, which in result will end up in fewer or more repitions, will lead to hpyertrophy too and to continously make progress, you should cycle in and out of all these modalities.

That’s why I will now move to a completely different style of training. It focuses more on building strength and less on building muscle (i.e. higher weights, fewer reps).

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As this is still very new and I am not 100% sure what you guys might like to hear, feel free to leave thoughts, ideas or comments below.

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