Golden Paste – A Recipe You Need To Try!

In my natural supplements series post about the popular turmeric root, I wrote about several aspects of why to use it and how you could potentially use the root for your health benefit. Today’s article will give you a quick and easy recipe that will get all those benefits into your system. Let’s make some golden paste.

Stefan’s Izakaya – Be Your Own Japanese Gastropub

This is part two of a 2-part series about izakayas. In part one (Japanese Gastropubs – The Izakaya) I shortly described what an izakaya is, what’s so special and interesting about it and shared my experiences at two izakayas that I visited earlier in 2016. In part two I will show you how to izakaya yourself. Or in other words: I welcome you to Stefan’s Izakaya! I will share recipes for four basic izakaya dishes with you.

Subway Cookies

Warum eigentlich backen? Noch zu Schulzeiten konnte ich mich irgendwie nie dafür begeistern, doch es lag mir besser als zu kochen. Irgendwann kam dann alles von alleine. 🙂 Mal hier was probiert, mal da etwas neues getestet. Mit dem Weihnachtsmarkt kam dann die absolute Begeisterung und ich versuchte mein Glück mit Weihnachtsgebäck. Das wurde leider kein Verkaufshit. Das Jahr danach versuchte ich dann mein Glück mit  Cupcakes. Im Januar 2015 fing ich an mit Fondant Torten herzustellen und nahm Continue Reading…

How to make a Spinach Frittata

Today we will see how to make a spinach frittata and it’s easier than you think! I like eggs, they are incredibly versatile and taste already delicious on their own but also as an addition to dishes. In the case of the frittata eggs are its key ingredient. Frittatas can be served as a main dish, but also work perfectly as a starter or as an outstanding addition to your next brunch!