The protein absorption myth – How much protein per meal?

A while ago, I stumbled over a post on Reddit, where someone was asking about how much protein we can absorb. It’s the famous protein absorption myth. People ask this question all the time. Here’s the post: “Hey redditors, im sure all of us heard the phrase: “You should eat max 25G of protein in a meal” Some say it wont absorb well and turn into fat, Some say it causes bloating etc.. So my question is basically IS Continue Reading…

A Personal Letter to Ben Greenfield, My Biohacked Day, And How Ben Greenfield Cost Me Serious Money

Dear Ben, you smart cookie, Only moments after I got into podcasts, I had to stumble over yours, of course. It was as if you had this light shining around you. But this might have been only a hallucination from the mushroom coffee I had consumed earlier. You are supposed to take just any mushroom, boil it in instant coffee and drink it, right? Or maybe not.