High-Protein is the key to weight loss – Short Tao

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Are you looking to change your body composition and shed some body fat? If you do, chances are that you are on a low-carb diet. I read a study that checked why low-carb diets seem to be working well to manipulate your body composition. The result might surprise you. What they concluded after having researched on 132 participants, is that the key part is being on a high-protein diet. They compared high-protein diets with low carb and normal carbs, Continue Reading…

Coffee makes you healthier

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Coffee is one of the best-selling commodities on our planet. The daily cup of coffee, especially as a pick-me-up in the morning, is a staple part of people’s morning routines. Coffee or better still, caffeine  tastes rather bitter and punchy. If you are a coffee connoisseur you can easily taste the difference between regular coffee and decaf. We will see in this article, that there are plenty of health benefits linked to coffee, regardless of the caffeine content but also that Continue Reading…

The easy way to healthy food are colours

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Detox, paleo, vegan, vegetarian, gluten-free, clean and other keywords are nowadays trending. They have all in one way or another the same goal, eating healthy. They usually require special plans or items in order to achieve whatever they are designed for and they have their reason to exist. Nevertheless eating healthy is very simple and you can do it with one simple trick in mind: think colours, think rainbow! What sounds weird at first, is simple at last: Vegetables Continue Reading…

Don’t do cardio for weight loss and what to do instead

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You read that right. Don’t do cardio for weight loss. It sounds atrocious to many people and trainers out there. And there’s a good reason for that. Doing cardio for weight loss initially seems to work, it’s simple and easy, doesn’t take much of an investment and as a trainer, it is stupidly easy to program. I want to share more on what I learned about the human physiology and weight loss in the course of this article.

Break Free: Caterpillar Butterfly

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There was probably never a time other than today that made it more compelling to try to be someone else. Thanks to social media, within my opinion Instagram and Facebook at the top of this phenomenon, having a sneak peek into other people’s lives has been very easy. This isn’t an inherently good or bad thing. As with almost anything in our lives it depends on our relationship to it and how we make it part of it. Unfortunately, Continue Reading…

Box Breathing – A Practical Way To Reduce Stress

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Constant stress quickly becomes a chronic problem in the lives of people. All the rushing, buzzing and business make it difficult to calm down and relax properly. And yet, this downtime is very important for your health and your well-being. If you ever felt fear or angst, one thing your surroundings might have suggested is to “take a breath”. This is a healthy advice, as you tend to stop breathing properly during those times. In this article, I share Continue Reading…

Why Weight Loss Diets Don’t Work

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Every year it seems to be the same routine. The moment spring and summer approaches many people want to get into a shape they deem fit for a beach. Or maybe they want to look good for a date, wedding or party. Whatever it is they all share a common goal weight loss, quickly and a lot. Those people then go on the weirdest diet concepts and believe that with only eating kale or drinking green tea and similar Continue Reading…

Different Types Of Diets – An Overview

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Over the years I shared plenty of recipes with you on my blog. At the moment they mostly fall into 3 different categories of diets: • Low Carb Diet • Paleo Diet • Vegan Diet As I want to make it as easy for you as possible to find what you are looking for I regrouped the different diets for you. While we’re here I will use this space to give a short explanation of the key ideas of Continue Reading…

Become The Most Successful Failure

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Recently I saw a video in which Peter Dinklage spoke about his life and about decisions he had to take in order to give his acting career a real change. In short, it’s about following your passion, taking risks and embracing failure. The video of further below. Watch it, I found it very inspirational. Shortly after I wrote about my thoughts about this on my Facebook page. But I wanted to but a more visibility and emphasis on this important topic. Continue Reading…

The White Elephant In The Room – The Caucasian Minority

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When I traveled to Asia the first time – on my honeymoon – I traveled to Singapore and Bali. It was a wonderful time and I enjoyed the culture, the people, the culinary arts and the time abroad a lot. Whenever possible I tried to engage with local people. This really gives me a better sense of what is going on in the country and I feel much less like a tourist. As someone who speaks four languages (and Continue Reading…